How to Save Gifs from Twitter? (with Steps)

Twitter is the best social network for GIFs. It’s where you find all the popular memes, and it even allows you to create your own. 

While there are some great Twitter apps out there (like Tweetdeck), they don’t let you save GIFs from Twitter that come up in your feed like desktop apps do. Thankfully, there are a few ways to get around this problem and save those precious animated images forever!

Twitter GIFs are Not Real GIFs

Twitter GIFs are not real GIFs. They are in fact MP4 videos that loop once, but only when viewed on a desktop browser. This means you can’t share them with friends or embed them elsewhere because it will stop working after the first loop. 

These also lack animation like true GIFs do—they’re just video clips with a still image pasted on top of it.

Gifs on Twitter

The only solution to this problem is downloading the Twitter app, which allows you to save any GIF by tapping on it and then saving it as a video file. You can then use these saved videos wherever you want without worrying about their compatibility issues.

How to save a GIF from Twitter on Android?

Here’s how you can save the GIFs:

  • Open your Twitter app on your Android device and find the GIF you want to save.
  • Tap and hold on to the GIF until it expands into a larger view, then drag it out of its container so that it appears as a still image with a transparent background.
  • Tap the download icon, which is represented by three dots stacked vertically (not to be confused with a cloud icon), located in the upper-right corner of your screen; this will open up additional options for saving files from Twitter directly onto your device’s gallery or downloading them as an MP4 video file instead of a GIF animation file format (.gif).
  • From here, select “Save Image” if you’d like to use this method for future tweets in which other people have shared their own content but not yet responded directly with their own source link information (which would make them easier to share on other platforms). If they have already provided such information elsewhere within that thread itself — typically through its caption area — then simply choose “Save Video.”

How to save a GIF from Twitter on Mac/ Windows?

If you’re using a Mac or Windows machine, there are several ways to save GIFs from Twitter.

How to Save Gifs from Twitter
  • Use an app like GifGrabber (Mac) or Peekaboo (Windows). These apps allow you to download and save GIFs right from your browser window without having to leave the page.
  • Use a browser extension like SaveGIF for Chrome or GifGrabber for Firefox. The extensions will add buttons that allow you to save the current video on any website in its entirety as well as just one frame at a time, which is great if you just need a quick still image rather than an entire video file.
  • Visit other websites dedicated specifically to saving animated images from social media sites like Imgur and Giphy. These sites typically offer different tools depending on what type of content they’re hosting—for example, Imgur allows users to browse through their entire database of GIFs while also allowing them access to many more options for sharing their own creations with others online as well!


Never again will you have to stare at that spinning wheel of doom because you reached your gif limit. 

Now you can save all the gifs you want and enjoy them on a rainy day, because those images will last a lifetime. So the next time your heart is broken, a celebrity dies, or the world is just having a bad day, click on any of the steps above for some guaranteed feels.

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