How to get verified on Twitter? Complete Step by Step Guide

Every one of us wants that beautiful Blue Tick next to our name on Twitter.

It provides credibility to the profile and opens up many opportunities. A verified Twitter profile also makes the account easily visible to other Twitter users, which results in higher reach and more significance to every tweet.

Most importantly, your audience will view your account and content with authority & trust. In this post, we will discuss the process you can follow to get your account verified on Twitter.

How to get verified on Twitter?

Getting a verified Twitter account is not so simple.

First, you will have to follow a series of steps to make sure that your profile is in tune with Twitter’s guidelines to verify an account.

Some of the steps required for the Twitter account verification process are:

Step 1: Prepare your Account for Verification

Preparing your account refers to keeping your account ready for scrutiny by the Twitter team. It involves the check of basic details like your Twitter profile name and the account status (it should be set to public and not private).

You should provide all the details about yourself on your profile like your business details, contact number, website (if any), date of birth, real photograph as the profile image, and cover image.

Step 2: Verify your phone number and Email ID

You might have already done it, but many users do not pay much attention to it. One of the prime prerequisites for getting your application for the verified badge to be accepted is to verify the phone number and email address associated with the account.

Step 3: Send your application for verification

Once you have confirmed that your account satisfies all the requirements, you can apply for the verified badge.

Please note that the application window may not be open at all times. You can submit your application whenever you find the window is open and accepting new applications.

To check, you can visit the Twitter verification support page and look for the green box on top.

How to get verified on Twitter

Twitter has also been contemplating to come with a renovated verification system soon. Until that becomes a reality, the only way you can apply for verification is to apply through the current account verification system whenever it is available.

Once you have applied for a verified badge on your Twitter account, their team will review your application and grant you the verified account badge only if they find that your account qualifies for the same.

In case your application is rejected, you can make a fresh application after 30 days — only after making the necessary changes to your account.

Benefits of Being Verified on Twitter

Having a verified account on Twitter does come with its own set of advantages.

Keep in mind that a verified Twitter account does not represent any kind of endorsement by the microblogging site. It is just an option to establish your credentials.

Some benefits associated with a verified Twitter account are:

  • Improved Credibility: A verified account creates a positive impression on the visitor and it assures that the account is not a bot or is run by someone else than the actual profile represents.
  • It shows that your account is valuable to the public: It indicates that Twitter has found the content that the public can relate to among your tweets. It can further help you increase your followers’ number, which means that you can have better traffic to your brand, business, or blog.
  • It authenticates your account: Twitter never provides you the verified account badge unless it has verified that you are an authentic person who represents your account. So a verified badge establishes the authenticity of the profile.

If you are running a business, the Twitter handle for a brand can be a great asset for marketing purposes. A verified account badge on your brand will help you attract potential customers and establish your brand in your niche.

What types of accounts get verified?

Twitter believes that the Blue Tick to signify a verified Twitter account should be available based on its usefulness in terms of Public Interest. The term Public Interest is the keyword here and can have several implications and meanings.

Twitter seemingly finds the people and organizations indulging in the following work fields to be the best bets for the Verified Badge…

  • Music
  • TV
  • Film
  • Fashion
  • Government
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Journalism
  • Media
  • Sports
  • Business
  • and other key interest areas

Best Ways to Increase your chances of Twitter Verification

You can follow these tips to increase your chances of getting a verified Twitter account…

Keeping your account active

Engaging in sporadic tweeting may not be something that can help you get verified on Twitter. Keep the account active and regularly share content that is valuable to your audience. You can also engage with other users through mentions and direct messages in addition to tweeting.

Also, ensure that you are engaging with other user’s content by liking, retweeting, and commenting on the tweets. You can use relevant hashtags to bring in more people to your profile, which will help in the long run.

Add numbers and other specific info to your profile

If you’re a brand or an organization, you can add related numbers to your account. For example:

  • In the service since 1976
  • 5000 followers and still counting
  • Member of Forbes 500
  • Serving the nation for the last ten years

These self-promotional activities have been observed to provide a better chance of getting a verified account on Twitter.

Add a powerful Job Title

If you are an individual, make sure you have added your best job title. Showcasing your accomplishments is an excellent way to show your work and position.

You can even showcase your work through the cover image in addition to the bio. You can include information like your articles, seminars, and other events you have been a part of.

Stay Real

Many people nowadays are buying fake followers to increase follower count, but that can add a negative point to the profile. You should stay as much real as possible and not indulge in buying followers or bots … as that can dampen your chances of getting verified on Twitter.

Stay credible and reliable on the platform. Always display your actual work and share your views with your followers.


Getting a verified Twitter account is not very easy. The key is to be patient and put in the work. Always keep your account in good shape and apply carefully to get the verified badge on your account.

You can also read our guides on how to delete Twitter likes, and how to find if you’re blocked by someone on Twitter.


How to get verified on Twitter as a business?

If you are a business, ensure that you have updated your business details in your profile. Add a phone number, email address, website, etc to your account, as these details are necessary to get a verified account status on Twitter.

How to get verified on Twitter without being famous?

You do not necessarily need to be famous for getting verified on Twitter. The key is to make Twitter understand that you are real and not a bot or someone impersonating you. Be active on your account, interact with other verified Twitter accounts, and use as many hashtags as possible.

How to get verified on Twitter for free?

There are no fees to get the Twitter account verified. Getting verified depends upon Twitter’s algorithm, and no external force can influence it.

Is there any Twitter verification service?

There is no genuine or authorized Twitter verification service. The built-in verification module on Twitter has been on hold since 2017. So the only way you can get a verified Twitter account is by staying active, keeping your profile complete, and engaging with others.

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