Why is social media monitoring important?

There is a place where conversations about your brand, customers, competitors, and prospects, happens almost always: that place is the social media. You wanna know why social media monitoring is important? Well, for starters; why is any conversation important? The insight you gain from monitoring conversations about your brand is sure to provide valuable information about the trends and the needs of the industry. It’s like eavesdropping or mindreading, only this time, you’re doing it openly! And you’re doing it not just to learn about people’s “dirty little secrets,” but because you want to listen and take informed action.

Let’s briefly discuss why social media monitoring is a vital key to your brand’s growth.

  • Is your target audience getting your message?
    Your brand is sending out tons of messages – great! Who’s receiving those messages? If your message is not getting to your target audience, then, it’s a tone of wasted effort. Monitoring helps you know if your target audience gets your messages loud and clear… and if they like it.
  • Feedback
    Once your message is delivered, customer feedback is next. Monitoring social media helps to gauge feedback on various social media channels.
  • Promptly address negative buzz
    One lousy comment about your brand can cause irreparable damage… and a delayed response can further mess things up for you. Monitoring helps you respond by pacifying negative comments in real time so as to save your brand from damage that may arise from delay in response. In other words, nip it in the bud! And don’t forget to work on improving your brand if the negative comment has any truth to it.

Monitor, Listen and Respond

So, you’ve monitored what’s happening on social media about your brand, what next? Social media monitoring is not a one-time thingy! It’s a continuous thingy! Make it your daily routine – it is an essential part of growing your brand. And one last word: monitor the social space to listen and respond; that way, you keep the conversation going.

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