What is Social media listening?

There is this common mix up about social media listening and social media monitoring. Similar; yes, but different.

Social media listening is a systematic approach of tracking social media channels for specific mentions of your brand, competitors, product, and then listening from a customer’s viewpoint so as to improve your business in line with what matters to your customers. It goes beyond monitoring and replying to questions or comments.

It Is about garnering insights or data from social conversations which can be applied to improve your business. By analyzing the data gathered from social monitoring and using it to effect actions about your business, you’ve transitioned into social media listening. And just in case you’re still foggy about the two, Patrick Cuttica (writing at CMO.com) puts it simply: “Monitoring sees trees; listening sees the forest.” The action aspect of social media listening is what differentiates it from social media monitoring.

“Monitoring sees trees; listening sees the forest.” – Patrick Cuttica

Social media listening can:

  • Track overall brand health
  • Create content your audience craves
  • Generate ideas for marketing campaigns
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Drive strategic product decisions

Why Should You Care About Social Media Listening?

There are real people online freely sharing insightful information about your brand, industry, and competition. It is a huge waste not to listen to them. Do you really care about your customers? Then you should care about social media listening. It gives you the advantage of viewing your business from the bird’s eye view – you see the big picture clearly; you can measure the pulse of your customers.

Here are ways social media listening can do your business a world of good:

  • Find out new customer needs in your industry and work to meet the needs
  • Identify strategic wins or missteps in real time
  • Learn what the world thinks of you and your brand in comparison to your competitors
  • Convert well-wishers into loyal customers
  • Identify influencers and advocates
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