Top 6 Mention Alternatives & Competitors

Mention – Monitoring and Social Media Management

With Mention, you can monitor important conversations, analyze brand intelligence, and then report everything in a nice format.

In short, Mention lets you monitor the online media, analyze competition, and all of this while managing your brand.

But it’s old and not as effective as other tools are such as HootSuite and MyTweetAlerts.

So in this post, we’re going to share with you around 6 Mention alternatives which you can use for all your social media related monitoring.

Mention Alternatives and Competitors
Mention Alternatives and Competitors


Just like Mention, HootSuite offers tools to plan, create, and schedule the content for multiple social media channels.

It supports all major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Third-party apps are also available to extend the native features of HootSuite (which can support over 35 popular social networks).

Some of the features of HootSuite are…

  • Scheduling: You can easily schedule all your posts based on specific times and dates.
  • Content curation: This lets you find all the trending and popular content on social media to curate and share it across other channels.
  • Promotion: You can promote your content right from the HootSuite dashboard to reach even a broader audience.
  • Analytics: Analytics is there to help you find what works for you so that you can put all your marketing efforts and resources in the right direction.
  • Monitoring: This is to monitor or follow the topics that are important to you (such as for your business, brand image, etc.) so that you can respond quickly.

But this tool is pricey for solopreneurs and small businesses, so you might as well manage your social media networks on your own until you’re ready to shell out a few hundred dollars every month on something you can do easily.

Some of the HootSuite cons are even discussed a lot such as poor support, lack of data in analytics and lower reach — as explained in this post.

So while HootSuite is a great tool overall for all things social media, it’s not as good as dedicated tools built for platforms such as MyTweetAlerts for Twitter.


MyTweetAlerts is a tool built for Twitter, and you can consider it as your personal assistant who can find and send you all the tweets that are critical for you.

You can use this tool to create and set up your custom tweets alerts (such as for #Coronavirus) which can be delivered straight to your inbox as soon as the tweets are published.

MyTweetAlerts - Social Media Tool
MyTweetAlerts – Social Media Tool

This can save you countless hours browsing through Twitter manually and looking for all the required information.

Now we know this tool is not for all other social media platforms — but if your primary target is Twitter, then it’s one of the best tools for you.

Some of the features of MyTweetAlerts are:

  • Create: You can set up unlimited alerts based on keywords, hashtags, location, profile keywords, specific accounts, number of followers, and links.
  • Manage: The dashboard is very intuitive and carefully designed so that you can manage all your alerts in one place and manage your social media strategy effectively.
  • Schedule: With Schedule, you can save your Twitter Alert history and act on the tweets whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • Email Alerts: Once any tweet hit the alert created by you, it is sent directly to your email based on how you have configured the email frequency (weekly, daily, or hourly).

All in all, MyTweetAlerts is a simple tool, but with all the advanced features you may need for the tweets tracking purposes.

You can even try it for free with its free 30 days trial, which then can be converted to a paid plan from just $9.95/month.


Similar to HootSuite, Buffer is an all-in-one social media publishing, analytics, and engagement platform.

Buffer lets you publish your content across all your social media channels with all the latest tools available at your disposal. It can also measure the performance and engagement of all the activity and create reports which you can use to gather all the data from your accounts.

Buffer Software Platform
Buffer Social Media Software

With the Buffer Publish, you can create a post for all social media channels in one place, and grow your audience while engaging with your users. You can plan everything in advance with the Calendar feature and then schedule all the posts accordingly.

The Analyze tool is designed to measure all the social media performance and give you in-depth insights on how you can improve the reach of your brand.

The one thing which can be improved is their product offering as there’s no way to sign up for both of their Publish and Analyze tools in the same plan.

Their Publish plan starts at $15/month and goes up to $99/month for heavy users while their Analyze plan starts at $35/month and goes to $50/month for 10 social media accounts.

Google Alerts

You must have used or at least heard about Google Alerts, which is a free service by Google to track anything on the Internet.

Google Alerts Interface
Google Alerts Interface

Now we know it’s not something of a tool like HootSuite or MyTweetAlerts — but if you’re just starting out and looking for a free and reliable solution — Google Alerts can definitely help you.

With Google Alerts, you can create up to 1,000 alerts for free and let Google do the job of finding all the latest information for you … which then you can use to increase your social media presence.

Let’s say you work for a PR Company, so naturally, you will have to keep yourself updated on all the latest developments in your industry.

For that, you can set up alerts in Google for the brand you’re working, so whenever anything happens related to the brand, Google will notify you, and you can act on it immediately.

You can read this post to learn more about how you can set up the Google alerts and monitor for specific things such as for your name, your brand, job, and more!

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another all-in-one tool built for increasing the audience and reach on social media channels.

As mentioned on their website, over 20,000 brands use Sprout Social to listen, publish, engage, and finally monitor everything on social media.

Their plans start at $99/month for the Standard plan and $249/month for the Advanced plan. Before signing up for any of their paid plans, you can try their free 30-day trial to test everything.

And unlike other tools, Sprout Social doesn’t have a team plan, so you will have to pay per user, per month.

As for their features, you can publish content, track campaign performance, and evaluate your success with the Sprout Social management tools.

But Sprout Social is targeted towards brands that have a dedicated team for social media as many of their features can be an overkill for solopreneurs or small businesses.

So for large businesses and enterprises, Sprout Social is great, while for others, HootSuite, MyTweetAlerts, or even Google Alerts can get the work done (as mentioned above in the post).


Brand24 markets itself as more of a media monitoring and online reputation management company by providing tools for monitoring brand mentions across social, blogs, news, videos, forums, reviews, and more.

Brand24 Social Media Platform
Brand24 Social Media Platform

Some of the Brand24 features are:

  • Mentions feed: This discovers what everyone is saying about your brand in real-time so that you can take relevant actions instantly.
  • Discussion volume chart: If anything goes viral while running any marketing campaign, you can use this tool to identify a sudden surge in the discussion volume to protect your brand image.
  • Alerts: Similar to Google Alerts, this will find all the discussion revolving around your brand so that you can keep track of everything easily.
  • Data Exporting and Filtering: You can use data exporting to turn your data into automated PDF reports, .xls files, or infographics or narrow down into your analytics further to find what is important for you.

Their plans start at $49/month for the Plus plan and go up to $199/month for the Max plan. There’s a free trial of 14 days as well, so you can try it before paying anything for the tool.

Final Thoughts on Mention Alternatives

These are some of the alternatives to Mention, which you can consider. All of these are popular tools and offer many features to grow across different social media channels.

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