What is UnFollowSpy and How to Use it?

Nowadays, follow and then unfollow tactic is quite popular in which people follow you on Twitter (or any other social media platform), then when you follow them back, they unfollow you.

For this, and to track your followers and unfollowers, you can use Unfollowspy. It is a 100% free social media management tool built only for Twitter (and Soundcloud).

This is not a new tool but possibly better than the other similar tools that lack many important features.

So let’s learn what exactly this tool is, and how you can use it…

What is UnfollowSpy?

As Twitter doesn’t provide anything to sort through the follower’s list (specifically difficult if you have thousands of followers and no data to play with), you can use a tool like Unfollowspy to cover the huge shortcomings of Twitter.

UnFollowSpy website

This is particularly a tool to track the new followers and recent unfollowers associated with your Twitter account.

You can also Unfollowspy to find those who are not active for six months or based on any other time range.

The tool looks old as it hasn’t been updated in a long time, but the workflow is streamlined so you can use the tool easily.

Other than managing the follower’s list, you can schedule your tweets and analyze the tweet’s performance.

The best thing is that Unfollowspy is a completely free tool and doesn’t offer any paid features, so you don’t have to worry about hitting the user tracking limits while using this tool.

How to Install UnfollowSpy in the Twitter Account

To start using this tool, visit Unfollowspy and click on Sign in with Twitter.

Install the UnfollowSpy in Twitter

Once you sign in using your Twitter account, Unfollowspy will take some time to populate the dashboard with all the new data as it cannot show you the previous followers or unfollowers.

The UnfollowSpy Dashboard
The dashboard of the tool looks like this with four charts of — new followers, unfollowers, users not following you, and those who you’re not following.

How to use UnfollowSpy

With Unfollowspy, you can…

  • View a list of your recent followers and unfollowers
  • Find out those who don’t follow you back and those who you don’t follow back
  • Track and remove inactive users
  • Schedule tweets 
  • Analyse your top tweets, #hashtags, and most active tweet times
  • Track social mentions
  • Send custom direct messages
  • And, view and manage lists (blocked accounts, groups, etc.)

The analytics are shown directly in the dashboard. To manage the users, you can go to Manage Users, and there you’ll find all the lists with proper charts.

Manage users in the UnfollowSpy dashboard
In the manage users tab, you can manage the users who have recently followed or unfollowed you, users who don’t follow you back, and those who you don’t follow back, and whitelisted, blocked, and muted users.

How to schedule a tweet?

To schedule a tweet, you can use UnfollowSpy automatic tweet feature with which you can put your tweet, and the tool will post it for you on the specified time and date.

Schedule Tweet in UnfollowSpy
How to schedule a tweet.

There’s a Manage Scheduled Tweets tab also from where you can manage all the tweets you have scheduled and change the date or time in case anything changes. This is a handy feature as you can save time by automating the tweets in advance.

Find inactive users

To locate the inactive followers, you will have to go to the Search tab. Unfollowspy tracks all the followers who are inactive for about a month, or a year.

Find inactive users in UnfollowSpy
Find inactive users

You can use this tool to regularly clean your follower’s list and remove all the inactive and spam profiles.

Cool friendship checker

Lastly, there’s a cool friendship checker tool which you can use to find out if the two users are following each other or not.

Friendship Checker in UnfollowSpy
Friendship checker

You just have to enter the two usernames (Twitter handles) of the users you want to check, and the tool will show the results like this…

Search results in UnfollowSpy

MyTweetAlerts – Twitter alerts

If you’re looking to find and get alerts about the tweets that are important to you — then try MyTweetAlerts.

With this tool, you can create customized tweet alerts that are sent directly to the email. This is very useful for finding new and trending twitter topics, stay updated with the latest news and monitoring the hashtags.

Frequently Asked Questions related to UnfollowSpy

Is there any UnfollowSpy App available?

No, but Unfollowspy is mobile friendly so you can use the full version of the tool from any web browser in your mobile device without having to install an app.

Is Unfollowspy safe?

Like all other third-party tools, Unfollowspy also follows the Twitter API guidelines so it cannot misuse your data. But if you’re not comfortable sharing your account data with any tool, you will have to then stick to Twitter Analytics only, which is pretty limited.

Unfollowspy Pricing?

UnfollowSpy is a 100% free tool for Twitter and Soundcloud and has no paid plans. The tool is web-based, so it works on both desktop and mobile and requires no software installation.

How do I remove UnfollowSpy?

When you use a third-party tool or application that asks you to connect your Twitter account (called OAuth), the tool will have access to your account until you specifically revoke that access. To remove the tool from your Twitter account, go to Settings and privacy > Account > Apps and sessions and remove the Unfollowspy app by clicking on the Revoke Access option.

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