Best Twitter Search Tricks to Search Better in 2022

Are you missing out on a whole basket load of opportunities by not using Twitter Search? How often do you use it? Would it be more helpful if you could specifically search for tweets about certain topics? 

The answers to these questions are yes, yes, and even more yes. Twitter Search is an extremely powerful social media tool that allows anybody with a Twitter account to search for tweets based on relevant topics.

Spending time learning how to use this tool will not only lead you to conversations that may not have existed before but will also give you new perspectives on your market.

So in this article, we’ll share with you multiple Twitter search tricks and hacks that you can use to use the tool better. Let’s get started…

What is Twitter Search?

At first glance, the Twitter search seems like a very basic function: type in a word or phrase and see the latest tweets using that term. A closer look reveals that it’s much more powerful than that.

You can use Twitter search to find information and conversations related to your topic of interest. You can also use it to discover new people and new information posted by the people you follow.

For example: you can use Twitter search to find people on Twitter who have similar interests as you or your target customers, identify potential influencers in your industry or niche, and find out what people are talking about in real time by searching for specific terms.

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Best Twitter Search Tricks and Hacks

Let’s now see all the amazing Twitter search tricks you can use to perform better searches.

Note that you can replace the “keyword” in the filters with the terms you want to search about. 

Search Tweets by a Twitter User

Use from:keyword to see all the tweets sent by a particular Twitter user.

Twitter search tricks to find people

Search Tweets by a Verified Twitter Account

Use filter:verified keyword to see the tweets sent by verified Twitter accounts (with the blue tick).

Use filter:verified keyword to see the tweets sent by verified Twitter accounts (with the blue tick).

Search Retweets

Use filter:retweets keyword to see tweets thar are retweets only. 

Search Retweets

Search Tweets with Replies

Use filter:replies keyword to only show tweets that are replies.

Search Tweets with Replies

Search Tweets with no Links

Use to:keyword -filter:links to find all the tweets sent to @keyword but not having any links.

Search Tweets with no Links

Search Tweets with Videos

Use filter:links to find all the tweets containing YouTube video links.

Search Tweets with Videos

You can further refine the search by including your keyword like this filter:links marketing.

Search Tweets with Videos and keywords

Search Tweets by Hashtag

Use #keyword to search for tweets containing a particular hashtag.

Search Tweets by Hashtag

You can further refine the search by using #keyword filter:videos to find all the tweets for a specific hashtag but having videos or images.

Search Tweets by Hashtag and keywords

Search Tweets in Local Area

Use keyword near:location within:10mi to find all the tweets within the 10-mile radius of your selected location.

Search Tweets in a Specific Time Period

Use keyword since:from_date until:to_date to find all the tweets related to a keyword within a specific time. 

Search Tweets in a Specific Time Period

Note: Enter the date in YYYYDDMM format.

Search Tweets in a Specific Language

Use lang:en keyword to see all the tweets in a specific language (en = English).

Search Tweets in a Specific Language

Note: You can use this list to find all the language codes.

Search Tweets Mentioning Specific Accounts

Use to:keyword to see the tweets mentioning a specific Twitter account.

Search Tweets Mentioning Specific Accounts

Search Tweets with Safe Content

Use filter:safe keyword to see all the tweets related to the keyword but without any adult or potentially sensitive content.

Search Tweets with Safe Content

Use Twitter Search Operators

Twitter’s advanced search operators are super-useful for finding precisely what you’re looking for. Here’s a summary of some of the most useful Twitter search operators:

Search operatorFind tweets…
Twitter searchcontaining both “Twitter” and “search”
“cats dogs”containing the exact term “cats dogs”
cats or dogscontaining either “cats” or “dogs” or both
#catswith “#cats” hashtag
from:catssent out by @cats user
to:catssent out to @cats user
@catsby @cats user
cats -dogsrelated to “cats” but not “dogs”
near:NYC within:10minear NYC and within 10 mile radius
since:2020-12-12 until:2020-21-12sent since date and until date
cats ?related to “cats” with a question
filter:repliesthat are replies
filter:linkswith links
filter:videos youtube.comwith youtube videos and links

You can also read our guide on the Twitter advanced search, where we have covered everything about how you can use the Twitter search effectively for marketing and sales.

Final Words

We hope that you found this article to be both informative and insightful. When it comes to social media marketing, Twitter can be a powerful tool if used correctly; I mean, you can get your tweets read by so many people, almost like a worldwide press release. 

So with the help of the clever tips and tricks mentioned in this post, you can take full advantage of Twitter to get your messages out there. 

We believe that these search tricks will definitely come in handy for any marketers out there that are just getting their feet wet in the world of social networking.

Twitter Search FAQs

How do you search effectively on Twitter?

To effectively search on Twitter, you can use its advanced search option, which will allow you to perform a search with custom filters.

How do you reset search suggestions on Twitter?

To reset your account search suggestions, sign in to your Twitter account on a PC or Mac, click on the search bar, and then select the “Clear all” option.

How do I find tweets from a specific person?

You can use the filter from:apple to find the tweets from a specific person or account.

How do you find deleted Twitter searches?

You cannot find the searches in your Twitter account once they are deleted. If you want to download your whole account snapshot, you can do that in Settings and privacy > Account > Your Twitter data.

How to advance search on Twitter?

Visit the Twitter advanced search page and enter the keywords you want to search about. There you will find a lot of filters you can use to perform your search, for example you can search for someone’s account, search by location, or search by hashtags.

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